Alchemy of Nourishment  Apprentice Certification Programs
Alchemy of Nourishment is a “Living School” where we teach through the art of embodiment. It is an educational experience that fosters connection to self, community, the natural world and spirit. We offer each participant a taste of the joy and peacefulness that comes when you feed your being, by spending time in the natural world and living in tune with its rhythm. Through exploration of the ancient traditions of the East and West we study the health of each culture and employ its nourishing wisdom and healing practices. We nourish mind, body and soul, while feasting simply on fresh organic meals consciously prepared to inspire your senses and deeply satisfy your body. Through movement, exercise and sacred rituals we dance from our inner river of emotions to the pulse of the earth, toning our structure with grace and fluidity. Together we embrace the path of healer, teacher, guide, and cook to provide sustenance for ourselves, family, friends, and community. We are apprentices to the Alchemy of Nourishment, students of life seeking to learn the art and science of living a loving abundant and sustaining life. We will explore our self limiting patterns to evolve our spirit so that we may embody the truth of deep nourishment.
          The Alchemy of Nourishment is a series of classes, workshops, and retreats that provide a strong knowledge base in the current science of human nutrition, psychology of eating, the ancient wisdom of the earth centered eastern healing practices, and the deep healing of energy spirit medicine. The entire program offers certifications in Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist, and Energy Medicine Wellness Coach, and Professional Health Chef. If one desires the full certification it is required to complete the clinical counseling aspect of the program so that you are experienced in working one on one with clients.  The design of the entire program is done in an experiential lecture and apprentice format. The formation of a core group of students is essential to the depth and vitality that can be developed throughout the program. A minimum of 8 participants is necessary for any workshop, or retreat to take place.  A final written and practicum exam is required for certification.
 Each retreat/class is designed for immersion into a rich, diverse, experiential learning environment. You will return home with new embodied skills to integrate into a daily routine. These include a renewed sense of health, inner calm, resourcefulness, balance, and a desire to explore new territory. You will develop the skills necessary to navigate scientific based evidence so that this understanding may provide a foundation to integrate alternative, energy, and eastern and western medicines. This will provide the foundation for a successful career as a nutrition and health care counselor, wellness coach, and/or health chef.
      How we nourish our bodies reveals a deep and intimate relationship that reflects the expression of our spirit in all that we do. Food is much more than the raw fuel we eat to sustain our bodies. All of life’s experiences are food for our being. We increase the quality of our nourishment as we shed belief patterns and become conscious of our daily habits.  When we are intimate with our environment and enjoy the food that surrounds us, we absorb a rich cornucopia of nutrients.
      Is this the program for you? There are numerous nutrition certification programs available but it is important to find the program that resonates with you. The Alchemy of Nourishment is a unique synthesis of information which challenges the student not only to intellectually grasp the science and concepts but to develop one’s intuition while learning to deeply body sense. Students are not simply an apprentice to the instructor, but to the environment, nature, each other, and to one’s self. There is a necessary commitment to the group process, for at times it may be challenging, asking us to open up to new perspectives as we learn to trust intimacy, and share our personal stories. Students must be self motivated so that the time outside of class, is not only for book study but is used to enrich one’s internal exploration and application of the material. This earth centered program offers the opportunity to learn to live in conscious community, a gift each person may take out into the greater community as you create your new career.
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