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Lecture classes: Macronutrients, Micronutrients,
Anatomy & Physiology, 5-Element Theory

Neurotransmitters, Chinese 5 Element Theory,
Dietary Basis of 21st century Disease
 and Nutrition Intervention
 Lecture Series
Retreat 3 days
Retreat 3 days

Transformational Body Usage,
Structural Emotional Exercises,
and Healing through the Chakras
Yoga  and Classes

Retreat 3 days
Retreat 3 days
Lifecycle Nutrition
Lecture Series: Expectant Mother, Infant, Child, Adolescent,
Elder Nutrition/Men’s & Women’s Health and Lifecycle Cooking

Detailed Course Descriptions,

Schedules & Credit Hours
Program Design
The course work is presented in workshop and lecture format. The nature of an apprentice program will require students to arrange additional time (to fit individual schedules) to work in the garden, on food and herbal preparations and other related activities as deemed necessary. We will meet 1 evening per month (to be arranged) for dinner, discussions of current topics, movie or other enrichment activities.
Credit hours 6.

Personal Sessions

At the beginning of the program each apprentice will receive 4 private sessions with Esther Cohen to embrace their own personally healing journey. This will start after the first weekend retreat and will be individually scheduled. This will provide not only an experience of this deep healing work but serve as an introduction and template for a nutrition and wellness counselor.  Credit hours 6.

 Introductory 3-day Retreat:
Energy Medicine, Personal Healing, Windows of Perception,
and Conscious Cooking

     This foundational workshop begins an exploration into the vibrational nature of the human body and the effective use of energy and food as medicine. We begin this journey with a history into the healing arts, allopathic medicine and the evolution of our relationship to food and nourishment. This sets the stage to understand health and illness as it affects our culture today. 

  Throughout the 3 day experiential frame work, we develop tools to open our awareness of and capacity to utilize our sensual and intuitive body. We increase our perception of the world as we learn to view and integrate the wisdom of our emotional, imaginal, and ancestral mind. We will study the anatomy of our spirit body, meridian and endocrine systems accompanied with techniques to strengthen and improve vitality and the flow of energy within our physical body. This class provides a bridge that connects science and energy medicine. The focus is on supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself by balancing the physiology through the subtle energy system of the physical body.  Credit hours 24. Food and Lodging $110.

 The Fundamentals of Nutrition

Macronutrients: Carbohydrates, protein, fats and water are the building blocks for energy and growth. Students learn the sources of these nutrients, their digestive processes, and their foundational role in our diets. Experiential exercises enhance students understanding of the biochemistry and energetic nature. Other topics include acid alkaline, sugar substitutes, soy and food labeling.

Micronutrients: Building upon the foundation of the macronutrients this class explores the function, deficiency states, and therapeutics of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients.

Western Anatomy and Physiology: This course introduces students to the basic structures and functions in the human body from both the allopathic western understanding and from the traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. A cadaver lab concretizes students understanding of the anatomy of the human body.
These classes are 3 hours each. 
Saturdays: Gardening & Lecture 2:00-5:00.
Reading assignments and homework will be given. Credit hours 54.
Cadaver Anatomy Lab
    Spring Cleanse and Rejuvenation Workshop
What is often at the root of people feeling “unhealthy”  is both psychological and the physical effects of: lack of sleep, poor digestive function evolving the stomach, small intestine, spleen/pancreas, gall bladder and/ or large intestine. This may result in food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, and inadequate protein in the diet, improper estrogen metabolism, adrenal insufficiency and poor blood sugar regulation. Any and all of the above issues can cause the body’s normal detoxification process to become compromised, so a spring cleanse and rejuvenation program can be helpful to restore the body’s normal function of detoxification. Restoration of normal functioning establishes at healthy digestive system, resolves symptoms, and improves energy.  Throughout this process students learn how to support a healthy lifestyle throughout the year.

Students learn the detoxification processes of the emotional, etheric, and physical body. Food as Medicine is the focus of the cooking aspect of this class. The Alchemy of Nourishment students will participate in the meal preparation. Dinner, book, and medical cleanse supplements are included. Cooking classes

 Cooking classes in Culture and Cuisine,
Food as Medicine and Wild Foods
Through the art of conscious cooking food becomes medicine. We will learn the five phases of foods and flavors and study ancient cooking traditions and techniques to support the body through illness. Students will learn to prepare delicious whole food meals, wild food delicacies and herbal tonics to deeply nourish the body. In addition we will practice the art of fermentation and sprouting, to support a healthy immune system.  
Co-creative Organic Gardening

Set in the semi-arid foothills, students participate in hands on organic gardening experience which celebrates sustainable practices while learning to co-create with nature. We will cover the basics from soil fertility, seed germination, to harvesting and drying. The garden is a living opportunity to practice listening and learning from the plant spirit kingdom. 

Gardening will continue throughout the summer. Students will arrange four hours of work time a week. Harvest times to be arranged.
Camping trip: Nature as Healer
A journey into the diverse landscape of the Rockies is a personal odyssey into the depths of our own inner journey of self discovery. The earth beckons us to explore what our own wild dreams and deepest longings may suggest to us about our soul’s path. We will use ceremony, impressions walks, deep imagery and dream work to connect with nature intelligence and be in companionship with our own wild nature.

Taking Responsibility for your Health
 and Medicines from the Earth
Workshop 5 day intensive 
The earth offers us healing in many forms. Flower essences rebalance our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state. Aromatherapy has profound influence on the body and its health. When we ask the earth for healing, we need to look no further than the medicine-making techniques and traditions of those who came before us, to turn plants into infusions, tinctures, and lotions into nature’s apothecary. 

What to do before going to the doctor provides understanding and care for everyday health issues. We will learn therapeutic usages of nutritional supplementation, herbal medicines, and energy healing techniques to create your personal first aide kit. This workshop will cover first aide techniques, colds and flues, allergies, sinus infections, yeast and urinary infections, nausea, indigestion, constipation and diarrhea, and headaches.

Emphasis on plant spirit healing will provide the foundation for understanding and connecting with the healing properties of the earth. Includes herbal medicine making, flower essences and aromatherapy. Evenings will be spent in movement, drumming, and earth centered rituals.

Neurotransmitters, Chinese 5 Element Theory,
Dietary Basis of 21st century Disease
 and Nutrition Intervention
Lecture series. Reading assignments and homework will be given. 
Fall Cleanse and Rejuvenation Workshop
Fall is a time of transition.... All of nature gently shifts the flow of energy from branching out to sinking down deep into one’s root in an effort to store vital nutrients for the coming winter. This is an opportunity to clear out accumulated debris that may contribute to feeling foggy or sluggish and weaken our immune systems.  It is important to prepare ourselves for winters’ cold by gently
cleansing, nourishing, and rejuvenating, our body, mind and spirit. 
This 3-week class will guide you through a 14-day cleanse and immune boosting dietary program. Nourishing meals, exercises and daily practices will support your body’s natural detoxification system; strengthen your immunity while calming your nerves. The group provides a container of wisdom, and experience that supports a successful cleansing process. Personalized needs will always be addressed. Come with questions about your health. Recipes and dinner served with each class. 
Understanding the Energetic Blueprint
 of the Emotional Body,
Brain, Self,
Consciousness, and Chakras
This workshop delves deeply into the energetic consciousness of the 12 organs and the endocrine system. We discuss and explore the functionality and interrelationship between our emotional nature, our physiology, and biochemistry. We start our journey into the “biology of belief” and how our unconscious thoughts manifest within our physicality.

We will explore the concept of self identity, its effect on our immune system as a function of boundaries and perceptions of self and non-self. The brain’s function in perception of self , memory, and consciousness all provide a fascinating background to the study of psychological health and healing. We learn what a profound effect our diet has upon our moods and the psychology of eating.                                 

In addition we will study the Eastern chakra system. The chakras are the core of our vibrational and spirit body. This ancient system is explained through the study of Western archetypes and characteristics. We use the structure of the chakras as a map for a journey through one’s inner dimensions as well as a model for addressing our patterns, issues and health dilemmas. Develop techniques to unlock stored memories and release emotional blockages. 
 Transformational Body Usage and Authentic Movement 
 Transformational body usage is about connecting to the inner experience of our physical structure. We gain awareness of our body moving through space and how emotions feel as they move through our body. Through a deepened inner sense of our physicality we are able to “see and sense” the structural patterns of our energetic body as they concretize in our physical structure. This practice allows us to track sensation in our body, to distinguish between thoughts and emotion, and to recognize how our body responds to its internal and external environment. We will “see” how emotional patterns became locked into our physical stance.
Authentic movement exercises help us to experience and understand where the intentions for our movements come from within. Thus one may feel empowered by the strength of their inner knowing.  It sets the stage for students to experience the movement of energy through their own bodies and to bear witness to the flow of energy in others. It provides as framework where we investigate our perceptions and see how often they are a projection of our inner reality, which helps to develop objectivity.

Transformational Body Usage,
Structural Emotional Exercises,
and Healing through the Chakras
  Lecture Series: Transformational body usage is exploring the connection of our emotions and beliefs as the effect the physical structure. We will learn to “see” structural distortions and their association with the consciousness of organs and body parts. We will learn structural / emotional techniques to balance and realign the physical and emotional structure. In doing so we will change the posture with which we approach the world. We will learn structural emotional exercises to unlock and re-pattern the physical structure. 
The Intimate Language of Disease: How People Heal
Each of us has a unique story that begins at conception and continues through birth, infancy, and childhood. This story lays the foundation for the way in which we perceive reality. These stories are rich with beliefs that guide our daily choices and keep us from fully embracing our gifts and talents. What do you repeat in your story? What do you protect and what do you show the world? Where do you keep making the same bad choices and mistakes? Discover through body talk, guided imagery, dream work, and art, how to step out of the old story, reconnect to your essence and plug back into nourishing your authentic self. As you become aware of these habits you realize the old survival patterns are no long necessary. Often our body speaks to us through our symptoms. The causal nature of disease is reflected through the energetic blueprint of these symptoms. When we understand the language of the body we can see our patterns and begin to rebalance our emotional and physical body.

How People Heal,
Guided Imagery, Shamanic Journeys, Diet and Disease, Western Clinical Skills, Lab Diagnostics and Nutrition Supplementation
Lecture Series. Our mind and body communicate in images. This dialogue is going on all the time, sometimes in healing ways and sometimes in harmful ways. Guided imagery is a process for engaging the inner healer. It is a doorway to listen to our symptoms, and to learn to hear the guidance within. Students learn various imagery techniques for self-healing and guiding others.

Intuition is a powerful tool overshadowed in recent generations by technology and the modern preference for “rational explanation.” In sharpening the skills of intuition, one becomes a compassionate observer, synthesizing wisdom, logic, and feeling to gain a multi-leveled insight into the highest needs of an individual or client. Through experiential exercises students develop confidence in the use of intuition in professional (as well as personal) life, thus learning to intuitively guide clients toward their own inner essence. Therapeutic uses include: enhancing clarity and increasing diagnostic and decision-making skills. Shamanic journey exploration and reflection are included.

Diet and Disease covers practical protocols to implement with clients. This class will allow students to practice the design of therapies for specific disease states. In-depth physiological, psychological, behavioral, and structural interventions will be explored, preparing students to begin clinical practice.

Western clinical skills will teach students to interpret medical and functional laboratory tests frequently used by healthcare practitioners. The use of functional testing to assess nutritional status, physical health, and their implications will also be discussed. Topics covered are gastrointestinal dysbiosis, hormonal status, toxicity evaluation, and immune system assessment.

Reading assignments and homework will be given. Students will begin seeing clients one on one for practical application.

The Unconscious workshop --- Windows of Perception
Unconscious beliefs, attitudes and mental images of how we “should ‘act and look, wreck havoc on our sense of self worth and well being. By embracing our shadow and recognizing our deep fears we can come to understand our mechanism of self sabotage and begin a process of belief shifting. It is through this biology of belief that we can learn how our DNA and early environments created perceptions and fears about ourselves and the world. We begin to identify our petty tyrant: those personalities that show up time and time again to challenge our beliefs and sense of self. As we come to know our saboteur we begin to explore the nature of duality so we can accept all aspects of ourselves. We cannot live our truth until we embrace both sides of our nature, just as we understand that where there is light, there must be darkness. Through dream reflection and guided imagery, we begin to unify the hidden aspects of our self in a step towards wholeness.  This is a retreat to go beyond fears and self limiting patterns.
Counseling skills, Energy Medicine Wellness Coach,
Psychology of Nourishment,
Setting Up a Practice and Ethics
Lecture series.
Clinical Application and Round Table Meetings
Students will begin their clinical internship. Students will be required to complete 20 individual sessions with clients. This will provide students the opportunity to apply what they have learned and to hone their practitioner skills. These sessions will be supervised through the round table discussions, meeting every other week for client review. Each student will present their client’s case for peer critique and recommendation.
The Art of Embodiment and Nourishing the Sacred Feminine
Retreat 3 days. 
 Our spirits are calling to live a life free of self conscious patterns and expectations. This retreat is about uncovering the beliefs and stories that have held us back and stepping into the person we have longed to become. It is about true nourishment, discovering the diamond in the rough as we open our hearts to embrace the fears and phantoms that stand in our way. It is about going past our internal limits together, shedding our old skin and transforming our perceptions.   
  During our time together we will establish a practice of nourishing rituals that brings conscious intention and self remembering into our daily lives. Experiencing ourselves as an integral spirit in the web of life fosters appreciation for the sacred in all life. This retreat will enhance our ability to receive information from our body, our intuition and our environment, so we may be responsive rather than reactive. We will celebrate our essential nature by moving beyond guilt and shame to self appreciation.  We deeply nourish our soul through connection with the nature kingdom. 
Nourishing the Sacred Feminine invites you to immersing yourself in the wisdom of the Feminine as tool to unification. Calling on the wisdom of our ancestors, we will explore the feminine as mother, provider, healer, and goddess and give voice to our feelings and expressions of sensuality and sexuality. Through dancing the wild divine we will embody consciousness exploration with the “earth-body”. Releasing emotions through spontaneous movement opens us to the dance of our spirit.
Lifecycle Nutrition
Lecture Series: Expectant Mother, Infant, Child, Adolescent,
Elder Nutrition/Men’s & Women’s Health and Lifecycle Cooking
This course provides an overview of the primary care of men and women. We discuss a wide range of issues including family planning; recognition and treatment of vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases; cancer detection and prevention; menstrual cycle disturbances and reproductive tract disorders; male genitourinary and prostate wellness; and current options in caring for men and women in mid-life hormonal transitions. The focus is on developing a holistic model of care, which incorporates prevention and a blend of conventional and complementary therapies.

This class will cover specific foods for expecting mothers and nursing mothers to facilitate lactation, simple baby food preparations, foods children will eat, packing lunches, and feeding growing teenagers. It will also cover nourishing elders who have different dietary needs and concerns.

Lifecycle Nutrition: The nutritional needs to support health and well-being throughout the life cycle are taught. Emphasis is placed on development of dietary and lifestyle programs designed for each stage of life. Topics include nutrition support for: infants, children, adolescents, pregnancy and lactation, and the elderly. Reading assignments and homework will be given. Credit hours 40.

Death and Dying, Giving Back  
Often we confuse healing with the triumph over disease and continued survival at all cost. Yet for many persons great healing may come close to the time of one's death. As practitioners and care givers we will begin to explore the sacred mysteries of death and dying. We will deepen our capacity to listen and our ability to provide a safe container for others on their journey chronic illness, healing, and death. Facing our own immortality fosters a vulnerable opening from which to share our fears and desires. This additional counseling training will enable students to support clients with terminal illness.

Finish with client hours and final project presentations                                             Final exams and practical .
Graduation, certificates and ceremony.
Total program credit hours 650 
Total tuition 9,985 
Total lab fees, food and lodging $1,770. 
Duration of program: 16 months.

2 optional/additional workshops :

The Art of Embodiment and Nourishing the Sacred Feminine

Vision Quest

September Camping Retreat

A Vision Quest

Stepping into Your Self and Moving out into the World 

Our vision quest is a contemporary version of an ancient, dynamic wilderness rite for seeking greater clarity regarding life’s purpose and meaning when undergoing a major life transition. As a rite of initiation, this quest embodies the symbolic journey into one’s depths to retrieve one’s passions and connect your heart with the knowledge gained through out this program. Through this quest, you are empowered to bring your unique gifts of service to the world.  

8 days 7 nights includes food, transportation, and permits $900.00

The apprentice certification  program is designed to accommodate those who cannot take the time to be a full time student yet who desire a more in depth learning experience than what can be gained from an on line education. This program is unique and requires the student to be self motivated and committed to self development as an integral aspect of the learning process while learning to support and guide others on a healing journey. Each section contains a complete body of knowledge and can be taken as a stand alone continuing education class that will enhance anyone working in the healing arts professions. Each class segment builds upon the next, so those who desire to work professionally as a nutritional therapist and health and wellness coach will experience in-depth and comprehensive training. Our goal is for our students to feel competent and confidant in their knowledge base and experience by the end of the program so that they can immediately begin to practice in a professional setting.  

Because of the unique nature of the apprenticeship program, tuition is non-refundable.  On a case by case basis, the School Director may allow non refundable tuition to be applied to future workshops.  Food/Lodging/Fees for those classes not yet taken are refundable.


The admissions form may be filled out online and emailed to Esther Cohen or mailed along with a $25 processing fee. A personal interview or phone interview (if out of town) will be arranged to answer all questions.


Nourishing Destiny  Alchemy of Nourishment

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Please list all academic training you have completed as well as trainings and workshops that are applicable.

Letter of application, attach a letter to answer the following questions:

  • What is your interest in nutrition and energy medicine?
  • Are you working towards a particular goal that you feel this program will enhance?
  • How might you use this training upon completion?
  • How do you feel about your personal health and development at this point.
  • Why are you pursing this line of work?
  • What is your passion?

This program is offered through the Nourishment Education Foundation. The Nourishment Education Foundation (NEF) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization established in 1997 as an educational and community facility for furthering nourishment on all levels in people’s lives.

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