Spring Cleanse, Detoxification and Rejuvenation

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal.  Nature cleanses the stagnation and debris that accumulated during winter through wind and rain.  Gardens are cleared of last year’s waste and animals shed pounds and fur in preparation for new growth and vibrancy. Spring is a wonderful time to clean out both the physical and emotional debris that we have accumulated through the winter months and to nourish and tonify our body, mind, and spirits so that we too can grow and flourish throughout the year.

This program guides you through a 21-day gentle dietary liver cleanse. It will present the physiology of detoxification and a step-by-step dietary plan that incorporates foods, herbs, supplements, and flower essences to gently guide you through the cleanse process. Exercise and emotional clearing techniques address difficult emotions that naturally arise when cleansing the liver. The individual attention and group support of this class provide a container of wisdom, love and patience so you will have the necessary resources available to complete a rejuvenating detoxification process.

Each class includes detoxification yoga, outdoor tea sit, organic dinner, cleanse instruction and emotional clearing.

Cost includes Cleanse Guide and Recipe Book, Cleanse Powder, Herbs

Bring a friend and register early, as space is limited.
$50 non-refundable deposit will hold your space.

 Esther’s seasonal cleanses have changed my life.  The meals are wonderful and you never feel deprived. The first time I followed the cleanse diet, my doctor had to decrease the dosage of my thyroid medication - the same dose I had been taking for 20 years!  In addition, both my husband and I lose weight while cleansing. It’s amazing to eat more than we usually do and still lose weight.     ~Sharon K.
Esther Cohen, M.S., R.D., C.B.P, I.C.N.T. has been in private practice for 25 years and is the founder and director of the Nourishment Education Foundation, and the Seven Bowls School of Nutrition, Nourishment and Healing.  Her educational background includes a Masters in Science and Human Nutrition, and certifications in Functional Medicine, Intuitive Counseling, Sports Nutrition, Five Element Theory, Touch for Health, the Psychology of Symptoms, BodyTalk and Matrix Energentics. She is a Registered Dietician, Integrative Nutrition Therapist, Cookbook Author, and Professional Chef.  Esther has taught extensively at numerous colleges and universities including Naropa University, University of Colorado, and South West Acupuncture College.