"The sacred land where this course is held, in and of it self, is extraordinary. I have been different ever since I experienced this healing course. I recommend it highly and am exceedingly grateful to have the opportunity to study with Esther Cohen and the Nourishment Education Institute.
- Angela, Los Angeles, CA
 "The Energy Medicine workshop was really mind blowing for me.  It combined so many wonderful healing techniques, that it's been really challenging for me to sum up with words.  It felt like the perfect format for Esther (and the other teachers) to bring their life's work out and to make it a living, healing thing for all of us participants to share in, learn from, and heal by.  It was an honor to be with so many like-minded people-- what a awesome group!  I felt akin to everyone there, and yet we were all so distinctly different.  The incredibly beautiful setting, the genuineness and open heartedness of everyone involved, and the relatively small size of the group made it feel intimate and safe for everybody to be where they were with their personal growth issues, whether they were "food related" or not. As "fluffy" as it sounds, it really felt like an immersion in where the mind, body, and spirit, are truly all the same thing.  Energy, I suppose!  It was so nice to connect with the power of that.  Thank you."            
- Heather, Boulder, CO
"This retreat is a place of self realization of the depth and pure essence of who you are.  It allows you to BE, while learning, loving and enjoying food. I will never be the same again. Godspeed" 
- Kate, Lyons, CO

“This class was amazing. The best part for me was learning the practice of conscious eating.  It has profoundly affected my relationship with food and how I enjoy it!  The food was fantastic.  It was truly nourishing to be served and it tasted fabulous.  The intuition building exercises were also huge for me.  Sharing my experiences of them with the class has really helped me to trust my intuitive knowledge. All this coupled with the sacred land upon which the class is taught made me feel as if I were attending a retreat rather than a class.  I highly recommend the class to anyone who wishes to learn better self care practices!”  
- Sarah, Steamboat Springs, CO